6 Best Books For Stock Market Beginners In India

6 Best Books For Stock Market Beginners In India You Must Have Read
6 Best Books For Stock Market Beginners In India You Must Have Read

You have heard of phrases like “books are the best friend of a man” and “books are a godsend, they revolutionized humanity” and many more.

We created a list of the best books on the Stock market for beginners in India, which one must read to become a successful trader or Investor.

In this article, we will give you a summary and review of some of the best books for stock market beginners in India.





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The Intelligent Investor 


Trading Habits: 39 of the World's Most Powerful Stock Market Rules

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The Warren buffet way

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Beating the street

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Stocks to Riches

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Let’s talk money

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6 Best Books for Stock Market Beginners in India

1. The intelligent investor

First in our list of best books for stock market beginners is “The intelligent investor” by Sir Benjamin Graham. He was a British-born American economist, professor, and investor, widely known as the “father of value investing”.

He was also the mentor of the greatest investor of all time Sir Warren Buffet. It is often called the bible of the stock market.

This book is divided into 3 parts, First part is about investing approach taken by a defensive investor. Second and Third part explains about the market behavior and risk management.

2. Beating the street

This book is written by Mr. Peter Lynch, the legend mutual fund manager at Fidelity Investments. This book is really helpful for long-term value investment opportunities and for retail or individual investors.

It explains the fundamentals of picking your stock in a very simple language.

3. The Warren buffet way

If Mr. Warren buffet is your Ideal this book is best suit for you. The warren buffet way is written by Mr. Robert G. Hagstrom. You can learn the way Warren Buffet chooses a stock. This is the best book to learn investing in Warren Buffet style.

The book’s simple language makes it easier to understand and follow because the author has avoided using any fault terms or vague phrases in the book for share market beginners. Simply put you can invest how Warren Buffet invests.

4. Trading Habits: 39 of the World’s Most Powerful Stock Market Rules

This book is written by Mr. Steve Joseph burns. He is an American Investor, Trader, and author. He is present in the financial markets since 1993. Trading habits: 39 Rules That Will Make You a Stock Market Success is one of the most popular books of burns.

This not only teaches you to learn trading rules from some of the most successful traders, like Richard Weissman, Dean Karrys, and Paul Tudor Jones but also Benefits with more than 20 years of experience and backtesting.

This book consists of 39 Habits or ideas that are inspired by some of the greatest investors and traders of all time.

According to the author of this book:

  • Provides solid, tested rules
  • Is easy to understand and follow
  • Gives you an edge over your competitors

If you tend to read books by Indian authors then These 2 books can be ideal for you.

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5. Stocks to riches

This book is written by Mr. Parag Parikh. It is a flood of truths regarding the stock market, as well as myths and assumptions that tend to roll over in beginners’ minds. And obviously, Mr. Parag is an Indian Investor and author so most of the information you will receive in this book will be regarding Indian stock markets.

It is appropriate for readers who are just getting started in the stock market because it is written in a very simple and understandable manner, highlighting the mistakes you could make as an amateur or beginner investor.

You should be aware that learning from your own mistakes can be very costly in the stock market as a lot of money is at the risk, So try to learn by mistakes from the author.

6. Let’s talk money

Let’s Talk Money is one of the best books on personal finance focusing on Indian markets that everyone beginner should read. Since there are few books accessible from Indians writers. This book is written by Monika Halan.

This book covers some of the least covered topics such as salary management and retirement savings and almost everything you need to know about personal finance.

Personal finance is one of the issues that Indians seldom address, which contributes to financial illiteracy & leads to poor investment choices.

Author clearly mentioned that this book is not for those looking to save in order to make a lot of money. This book covers anything from how to begin saving to putting together retirement funds.


Books are one of the best resources to educate ourselves. They not only help to learn new skills but also develop them. Above is a list of the best books for stock market beginners in India.

Every book among them is different from one another but one of the best in their category. Where “The Intelligent Investor” discusses about the deep Fundamental analysis and ratios of the companies, “Let’s Talk Money” contains basic stock market content with a lot of personal finance.

Every book in the list is a must-read for Stock market enthusiasts who are willing to be a successful Investor one day.

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Q. Which is the best book for Stock market beginners in India?

Every book has its own specialty and audience reach, but for an overall understanding of the stock market here are some of the best books recommended.

Beating the Street – Peter Lynch.

The Intelligent Investor – Benjamin Graham.

The Warren Buffet Way- Robert G. Hagstrom

Stocks to Riches – Parag Parikh.

Q. How much should I invest in stock market for beginners in India?

This is a very versatile question. There is no minimum or upper limit to start investing in the Indian stock market. You can buy a RS 10 VI share or choose MRF share worth RS 90,000. You simply need to have sufficient capital to cover the price of a stock.

You can consider your age and risk appetite as a factor before Investing. If you are young and willing to take a high risk you can allocate most of your portfolio to into stock market on the other hand if you are in your 50s or 60s you should allocate a smaller portion of your portfolio into.

Also, you must read books and make yourself knowledgeable in investing about the Indian stock markets.

Q. How can I earn from the share market?

There are a number of ways by which you can earn through the stock market

Earning from capital appreciation

Long term capital gains, and

Short term capital gains

Earning from dividends

Invest in IPO

Participate in Buybacks and Bonus Issues

Investing in REITs

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