Best Books On Stock Market That Every Indian Must Read

Best Books On Stock Market For Indian
Best Books On Stock Market For Indian

A stock market is a place where people have made a lot of money and have also gone bankrupt. The basic difference between them is people who made a lot of money took complete knowledge about the stock market.

And the people who have only lost their money never focus on learning or taking the knowledge they just try to make a lot of money without knowing the how this market work & how to pick the right company, right shares usually they known as a speculator.

I do not want you to be a speculator, so I have written this article specifically for you who really want to be an investor and are ready to take the action that is necessary to be an intelligent investor.

In this article, I have mentioned some best books on stock market for indian which you must read to know the basics of the stock market…

and I am 100% sure that by reading these books you will get knowledge as to which shares you should pick or which shares should not pick.

Let me tell you that experts read the same book many times. because books help you to create strategies and enhance your skills.

Especially these types of investing books, Whenever you read these books again you always get to learn something new.

Best Books To Learn Stock Market Investing For Indian

1. Learn To Earn 

Peter Lynch Learn To Earn Best Stock Market Investing Book For Beginners

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This book is written by Peter Lynch who is the greatest fund manager of all time, generating an annual return of around 30% for a period of 13 years for a fidelity investment firm which is insane.

This is one of the best books to learn stock market investing, This book gives you the knowledge of the stock market, economy the language of this book is very simple & easy to understand even if you are not a commerce student.

This book is easier to read than all books, every beginner must read this book. In his book, Peter Lynch discussed 5 mistakes that every common investor does.

2. The Education Of a Value Investor

The Education of a Value Investor Best Stock Market Investing Book For Beginners

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The author of this is Guy Spier who runs the hedge fund his hedge fund name is an aquamarine fund. He is the person who bid $650,100 for having dinner with warren buffet.

This book tells you how to be a great human being to be a successful investor. By reading this book you get to know how our daily life can affect our investing decisions.

If you are a good person then there are more chances of you succeeding and vice versa.

 3. One Upon On Wall Street 

One Up On Wall Street Best Stock Market Investing Book For Beginners

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This book is also written by Peter Lynch, in this book peter lynch explain all basic of stock market investing that every beginner should know.

By reading this book you get to know why long-term investment is most important, you’ll learn how to pick the winning stocks what is the strategy behind picking stocks.

This one is also the best book for stock market beginners by peter lynch & highly recommends you to read this book.

he also explained 6 different types of stocks & his strategies to approach such types of stocks.

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4. The Warren Buffet Way

The Warren Buffet Way Best Books To Learn Stock Market Investing

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Everyone wants to know how Warren Buffet created massive billion-dollar wealth for himself, how he became the most successful investor, what is his strategy for picking the stocks.

So Let me tell you that this book gives you deep insight into Warren Buffett’s investment strategies, how he chose the best business that could become a company like Fb, Coca-cola.

The author of this book is Robert G. Hagstrom has shared how Warren Buffet thinks before picking up any stocks. The best part of this book is the author has not used any fancy or high-faulting words.

Which confuse readers, this book is easy to read easy to understand, from this book you learn value investing which helps you to create massive wealth like Warren Buffet.

Everyone who invests their money in the stock market must read this book.

5. The Intelligent Investor 

The Intelligent Investor English Best Books On The Stock Market Investing

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This book is considered as a bible of the stock market, The Intelligent Investor written by Benjamin Graham who is the mentor of Warren Buffet.

From this book, you learn the fundamentals of value investing, the difference between speculator & intelligent investor, what is the margin of safety, and what is active &  passive investor.

Benjamin Graham is the legend, you must read this book but the language of this book is a bit difficult it was written according to the language of the ’90s.

Strategies that were written by Benjamin Graham at that time are still useful in this era.

6. Common Stocks And Uncommon Profits

Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits and Other Writings Best Books On The Stock Market Investing

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This book is written by Philip A. Fisher, This book explains how should be the journey of an investor. This book is about growth investing and understanding the companies that are investing.

The author said there are two ways of investing one is “Buy low and sell high” second way is “Buy outstanding companies and hold them forever” and this book talks about the second way.

Identify the right companies and hold them for forever because they can make you rich. Warren Buffet also uses this methodology.

The author shares his “Scuttlebutt” method to choose growth company shares. It means you have complete information about the business of the company in which you want to invest because you know the company in a firsthand way.

So basically author says, what would you look for in a company before buying it? When you understand the company then after that you should buy the stock of that company.

This book emphasizes focusing on the growing company and acts like you are the owner of the company this book also enhances your understanding of business. This book also highly recommended you to read.

All these books are written by foreigners & these books give you a deep knowledge of the stock market & investing, but I will tell you about some of the best stock market books which have been written by Indians.

Best Books On Indian Stock Market By Indian Authors 

The Dhandho Investor 

The Dhandho Investor Best Books On Indian Stock Market For Beginners

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The Dhandho Investor written by Mohnish Pabrai who manages the Pabrai investment fund, this book considered one of the best books to learn about value investing.

This book reveals how to set up a business and make it successful also how you can find a successful company in the share market. The author of this book is Indian so he gives the example from the Indian context.

Value Investing And Behavioral Finance

Value Investing & Behavioral Finance Best Book To Learn Indian Stock Market

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This book is written by Parag Parikh who was the founder of Parag Parikh Financial Services & advisory. He was an expert in the Indian stock market and know as an investment guru.

Unfortunately when he was in Omaha USA, to attend the annual meeting of Berkshire Hathaway whose founder is Warren Buffet, He was accidentally killed by a truck & he passed away at that moment.

He shares all his knowledge with his two books one of them is Value Investing And Behavioral Finance. In this book, you get the psychology of behavioral finance with practical examples.

Stocks To Riches 

Stocks to Riches: Insights on Investor Behaviour Best Book To Learn Indian Stock Market For Beginners

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This book is also written by Parag Parikh, This is one of the best books to understand the Indian stock market. The language of this book is so simple and easy to understand.

If you are a beginner then you must know how the market works & this book explains very well how the stock market works, the role of sentiments among the investor brokers, analysts in the market.

Also, by reading this book you get to know-how investors behave when they buy and sell stocks. this book is a perfect guide for a newbie who wants to do investing for the longer horizon.

There is a famous quote “Don’t wait for the right time the best time was yesterday, the best next time is now


Let’s do a quick recap of all the books that I mentioned above, But before that share these books with your friends and family so that they too can benefit from these books.

These are some of the best books on the stock market that every  Indian must read. These books help you to enhance your investing skills.

If I tell you my favorite book there are many books that are my personal favorites but if I have to choose from above so mine is The Intelligent Investor.

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