These Top 10 FMCG Companies In India Fulfilling The Basic Need Of Everyone

Top FMCG Companies In India
Top FMCG Companies In India

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) products are an essential part of our day to daily life because we consume FMCG products every day. FMCG products are quick to move consume fast and short shelf life hence its name is Fast Moving Consumer Goods.

FMCG companies produce products in high volume with low cost. This sector is mainly divided into 3 categories Healthcare, Personal Care, and Food & Beverages.

Some examples of FMCG products are Soap, Colgate, Shampo, Detergents, Shaving, Vegetables, Soft Drinks, Perfumes, Dairy Products, etc.

We are completely dependent on FMCG companies to meet our daily requirements. Most of the revenue of FMCG companies in India comes from the urban segment which is 55% and 45% of revenue comes from the rural segment.

But for the past few years, consumption of FMCG has been increasing in rural areas as compared to urban areas due to which every FMCG brand is focussing more on rural areas.

FMCG sector is the fourth largest sector in India, employing over 3 million people across India.

Let’s have a look at the Top 10 FMCG companies in India by revenue

Top 10 FMCG Companies In India By Revenue

1. Hindustan Unilever Ltd (HUL)

Hindustan Unilever Ltd (HUL)
Hindustan Unilever Ltd (HUL)

HUL is the biggest FMCG company in India, It’s a subsidiary of the British company Unilever. HUL was established in 1931 and is headquartered in Mumba India.

HUL provides employment to 21,000 people in India with annual revenue of ₹ 40, 415 Crore.

HUL has more than 35 brands in 20 categories HUL claims that 2 billion people use their company products every day. Some famous products of HUL are Lux, Lifeboy, Clinic Plus Shampoo, Knorr, Surf Excel, Kissan, Close Up, Lakme, Pureit Water Purifier, Ponds, Boost, etc.

2. ITC Ltd

ITC Ltd Products
ITC Ltd Products

ITC is an Indian company that diversified itself into different businesses such as Cigarettes, Hotel, FMCG, Paperboard, Agribusiness. ITC was founded in 1910 and is headquartered in Kolkata India.

In 1910 ITC was established as Imperial Tobacco Company of India Limited and later renamed as I.T.C Ltd in 1970. ITC is the largest FMCG company in India.

Currently, there are 27, 279 employees working under ITC, with annual revenue of ₹ 52,001 crores which makes ITC India’s largest FMCG company.

Some famous products of ITC are Aashirvaad, Sunfeast, Yippee, Gold Flake, Classmate, Savlon Soap, Bingo, Vivel.

3. Nestle India Ltd

Nestle India Ltd Products
Nestle India Ltd Products

Nestle India Ltd is a subsidiary of Nestle company which is a Swiss company. In top FMCG brands in India Nestle is one of the biggest names famous for its Maggi Noodles.

Nestle India was established in 1959 which provide employment to 7,649 people in India with annual revenue of ₹ 12,615 Crore which makes Nestle the biggest food and beverage company.

Popular products that Nestle sells are Nescafe, Maggi, Milky Bar, Munch, Kitkat, Milkybar, Bar One, Milkmaid, etc. Also, Nestle is the oldest FMCG company in India.

4. Britannia Industries Ltd

Britannia Industries Ltd Products
Britannia Industries Ltd Products

Britannia is a part of the Wadia group which is the oldest company in India. Britannia was incorporated in 1892 making it the second oldest FMCG company in India.

There are 4.480 employees are working with Britannia with its annual revenue of ₹ 11,878 Crore. It’s headquartered in Kolkata. After Parle Britannia is the second biggest biscuit brand in India which sells and manufactures biscuits.

Famous products that are part of Britannia are Tiger, Marie Gold, Milk Bikis, Good Day, NutriChoice, etc.

5. Dabur India Ltd

Dabur India Ltd Products
Dabur India Ltd Products

Dabur is one of the best leading FMCG companies in India which was established in 1884. It’s headquartered in Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh India. Dabur manufactures and sells an ayurvedic and natural consumer product to the world.

Dabur has a huge presence in the world their products are available in more than 120 countries across the globe. Currently 7, 740 employees are working with Dabur, its annual revenue is ₹ 8,989 Crore.

Dabur operates in consumer products like personal care, health care, hair care, health, and supplements. Some of its famous products are Dabur Amla, Real Juice, Dabur Red Paste, Dabur Chyawanprash, Dabur Honey, Odonil, Ododimas, Hajmola, Dabur Almond Hair Oil, etc.

6. Godrej Consumer Products Ltd

Godrej Consumer Ltd Products
Godrej Consumer Ltd Products

Godrej Consumer Products is a subsidiary company of Godrej Group Incorporated in 2001. Godrej Consumer is one of the largest FMCG companies in India whose headquarters in Mumbai India.

GCPL has 2,768 employees and it generates ₹ 10,023 Crore annual revenue. It has a footprint nationally and internationally in the personal, households & hair care segment.

Some biggest brands of GCPL include Cinthol, Good Knight, Hit, Godrej No. 1, Ezee, Protekt, Godrej Fair Glow, etc.

7. Marico Ltd

Marico Ltd Products
Marico Ltd Products

Marico is one of the top FMCG brands in India that established in 1990 and operating in 25 countries including emerging markets of Asia and Africa.

It’s headquartered in Mumbai India. Marico has a presence in the Health Care, Beauty, Wellness, Skin Care, and Hair Care segment. Marico has 1,631 employees with its annual revenue of ₹ 7,439 Crore.

Marico has famous brands like Parachute, Saffola, Nihar, Nihar Naturals, Set Wet, Livon, etc.

8. Colgate Palmolive

Colgate Palmolive Products
Colgate Palmolive Products

Colgate Palmolive 200 old year American consumer good company that has been in India since 1937. Colgate is a leading company in oral care products. It operates in the household, personal care, health care segment.

Currently, 34,500 employees are working under Colgate Palmolive with annual revenue of $15.693 Billion. Colgate Palmolive has a footprint in more than 200 countries and is headquartered in Park Avenue, New York City.

Some famous brands that fall under the Colgate are Colgate, Protex, Palmolive, Softsoap, Hills, Max Fresh, Colgate 360 Degree, Halo Shampoo, etc.

9. Procter & Gamble Hygiene Healthcare Ltd

Procter & Gamble Hygiene Healthcare Ltd Products
Procter & Gamble Hygiene Healthcare Ltd Products

It is also an American Multinational consumer company that established in 1837 headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. P&G has specialization in Household, Personal Care, Hygiene, Health Care, Child Care segment.

P&G providing employment to 99,000 people all over the globe. It has annual revenue of  $70.95 Billion which makes it the biggest FMCG companies in India.

It has been in India since 1964, some of the famous products that P&G distributes are Gillette, Tide, Whisper, Ariel, Pampers, Oral-B, Head & Shoulders, etc.

10. Emami Ltd

Emami Ltd Products
Emami Ltd Products

Emami is an Indian FMCG company incorporated in 1974 which has set up its own cosmetic manufacturing unit in Kolkata India. Emami is a leading FMCG companies in India that has diversified with over 300 products in its portfolio.

Emami serving in the Healthcare, Hair Care, Skin Care, Ayurvedic Healthcare segment with a strong team of 25,000 people and has an annual turnover of ₹ 2,389 Crore. Emami has a global footprint available in 60 Countries.

Some of Emami’s best products are Boro Plus, Navratna Fair and Handsome, Zandu Balm, Kesh King, Fast Relief, etc.

Financial Of Top 10 FMCG Companies In India


Company Name

Market Cap (Cr)

P/E Ratio

P/B Ratio

ROE (%)

ROCE (%)



₹ 5,62,286.82







₹ 2,50,546.52






Nestle India

₹ 1,64,738.30






Britannia Industries

₹ 89,482.57






Dabur India

₹ 1,00,504.64






Godrej Consumer Products

₹ 73,746.82







₹ 53,203.62






Colgate Palmolive

₹ 41,409.81






Procter & Gamble

₹ 44,276.28







₹ 22,536.85





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FMCG is the 4th largest sector in India and it’s one of the fastest-growing industries due to the increase in consumer demand especially in the rural area as more than 50% of the population of India lives in the rural areas.

It is expected that the Rural FMCG market in India will grow from $23.6Bn in 2018 to $220Bn by 2025. As Indian spending power increases, consumption of consumer goods will also increase.

The biggest advantage of the FMCG sector is, It’s a recession-proof industry and the last industry which can be hit by the recession.

We cannot ignore the Internet, because the internet is playing a key role in the growth of the FMCG sector due to pandemics everyone has come online and is shopping, ordering food online…

and due to this rising in internet penetration, FMCG companies are launching their products online and they are partnering with leading online E-commerce platforms like Flipkart, BigBasket, Grofers, etc So that they can reach as many people as possible.

These top 10 biggest FMCG companies in India or you can say Top FMCG stocks in India that are playing a significant role in the growth of the FMCG sector.

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